Welcome to Special Effects Lighting

SInce 1985, Special Effects Lighting has taken great pride in its artistic approach to lighting. Many homeowners spend immense amounts of money and time on beautifying their home exteriors and landscaping. We can immensely increase viewing enjoyment by elegantly and mysteriously illuminating architecture and landscape at night with hidden light sources.

Our lighting designs are composed of a variety of balanced subtle and dramatic carefully combined visual effects resulting in an impressive evening display while not revealing the sources of light. We work with the client to determine the atmosphere desired. We maximize the desired effects by selecting from our lighting hardware and techniques. Our method carefully places the fixtures, highlighting with diversified intensities and balanced accents and creating a picturesque landscape at night. No other lighting company comes close to matching our final product. In addition, the low voltage operating cost is 1/3 less than the cost of 120 volts. All fixtures and wire are top quality and are installed to provide many years of problem-free enjoyment.

Our unique artistic detail will enhance your home and landscape and impress the neighborhood.